Activities and experiences

Telgárt is situated on the borders of three national parks (Nízke tatry, Slovenský raj a Muránska planina) and it is great starting point for advanced hikers as well as the ones looking for easy walks.


Well-know hiking routes in this region are: Muransky hrad, Kráľova hoľa and crest of Nizke Tatry to Ďumbier or Chopok.

The farm

The farm with animals is just around the corner . Anyone interested in seeing how it works with the animals is more than welcome to visit.


Winter season is ideal for skiing in Ski Telgárt 700 meters away from the guesthouse as well as ice skating, sleighing and cross country skiing.


Slovenský raj and Vysoké Tatry are only few kilometers away  as well as the posibility of outdoor swimming in Palcmanská Maša, spa in Predná Hora or Aquacity Poprad.


Well known Dobšinská ice cave is only 10 kilometers away which you can also reach with interesting train route.


700 meters away from the guesthouse as well as ice skating, sleighing and cross country skiing.


Guest house offer to its guests possibillity of grilling and sitting outside.

Homemade products

Did you liked our food? You can buy homemade milk, cottage cheese, mutton or beef meat, homemade jams, bread, eggs a delicious desserts right from the courtyard. Also  a vegetables from our own production and tea from forests and meadows of Telgárt.


Something to make your stay in our guest house even better? We offer horsse-riding for you and for your children on every level of skills.

Čučoriedkový deň

Penzión u Hanky with cooperation of the city council is an orgniser of an outdoor competition of baking the best blueberry pie. This successful event takes place on Saturday in the beginning of August and has international participation. The program differs every year. However it always inculdes goulash cooking, live music and markets for blueberries, pies, etc..

This event is non-profit and the profit goes to DSS Pohorelská Maša

What others say about the pension

The owner was fabulous, he was very helpful and friendly. We had a quad room which was spacious and comfortable. We ate dinner and breakfast there and enjoyed both meals very much- delicious food, large selection, and everything was made to order. Would stay here again and highly recommend to others!



Skvelé služby, veľmi milí ľudia - schopní a ochotní pomôcť v každej situácii, a to vždy o krok vpred pred našimi požiadavkami 🙂


Česká republika

Prístup personálu veľmi ústretový a milý, vynikajúca strava, ponuka aktuálnych jedál (napr. čerstvé dubáky, čučoriedky).



Výborná domáca kuchyňa. Ďakujeme.



Every thing was great. The owners really went out of their way - we have two vegeterians and to our surprise on our second morning at breakfest a special vegeterian spread made of Tofu was waiting on the table. We felt very welcome.



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